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Fun with 4/3rds cameras/ Image Thread


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I happened upon an advertisement for a Panasonic GX9 body only at a terrific price... Since I still have a moderately complete set of lenses for FourThirds/Micro-FourThirds cameras, and I have the adapters for Leica M, R, and Nikon F mounts to mFT as well, I decided to give it a shot.

It's a nice little body and works beautifully with the Olympus Body Cap 15mm and 9mm Fisheye lenses, never mind the other lenses I've got. (I notice that autofocus with adapted FourThirds SLR lenses isn't anywhere near as quick and accurate as the Olympus E-M1, however.) For cycling, the camera with these two tiny pancake lenses makes a very compact and light weight package.

Ghost - San Jose 2020
Panasonic GX9 + Olympus Body Cap Lens 15mm f/8
ISO 400 @ f/8 @ 1/800



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Brownie Day:

The very first camera I was ever allowed to use was the family's Kodak Brownie, on a school outing. I'm not sure which Brownie model it was, but it likely had a simple meniscus lens, well-polished by my Dad's tie. I took pictures of anything and everything (all 12 of them). The pictures couldn't have been very good, because I wasn't allowed to use the camera again (processing was expensive). But I remember how excited and joyful I felt taking those pictures. Earlier this year (pandemically-bored) I decided to try recreating that feeling. I put my Olympus in square format, mounted a cheap Chinese lens that, while vastly superior to the meniscus, exhibits edge softness and aberrations aplenty, and walked around our small town to see what I could see.