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Fun with 4/3rds cameras/ Image Thread


Well-known member
A Live Composite shot (250 shots of 20sec) I did tonight with my E-M1X and the Samyang 7.5/3.5 Fish Eye lens ...
This is only the third LC shot i've done ... in the next days, skies being clear, I'll head for more interesting foregrounds ...
But, Belgium being Belgium, a country you can see from everywhere in the cosmos, light pollution will always be a problem ...

Stay safe,


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I still have the camera and it works fine but the body covering is sticky and disintegrating.
Hi Carl, if you go to a drugstore or pharmacy and buy some IPA (Iso Propyl Alcohol) and wipe the sticky parts with a paper towel soaked in IPA and then let it dry the stickyness should be gone. I've done this successfully with some other older cameras that showed the same problem.


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Did this on my "simple" EP7 / 25 mm F1.8 prime. I am surprised how well this prime still works. I think it was the first lens I purchased in m43rds a while back.
This is also one of the few times I do selective dodge/burn with control points on DXO.