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Fun with HUGE images (any camera). WARNING:Very Large files posted here!

Jan Brittenson

Senior Subscriber Member
Don't know if it qualifies as huge, and the small size here doesn't really do it justice. It may be one of my first printing projects when I get an Epson 7900 (or 9900, still on the fence). Stitch of four shots taken with the Sony A850 and CZ Planar 85. Just over 60MP.



Subscriber & Workshop Member
Jan - excellent shot! I love this image, particularly as I know what it takes sometimes to get a great set of long exposures up there when the wind is blowing!


Well-known member
Here are four panos taken today with the NEX5-N IR using a Contax G 45mm f/2 Planar. The scenes were at a local vineyard and there was no snow despite appearance :) The images were processed in C1 and CS5 (using Jack's IR actions) and exported as 50% jpegs.