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Fun with Leica Compact Cameras

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A compact camera thread!:) Why not?:thumbup:

Watch this thread... images to be shared soon.
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Life is always an adventure. Just when I decided to start a new thread, all kinds of things interrupt the flow. So, without the original plan in place, here are some images to consider why a compact, low MP camera may be fun and, ultimately, of some use:

Early one morning in June of this year, I ventured to our boat dock in the early darkness, hoping to find solitude and capture some images of the weather front at sunrise. So, with the Leica S and my old Leica X1 in my Hadley Pro Bag, I grabbed the tripod and found that solitude was preserved. A sultry morning, dark and still. Not even a breeze. The photo session turned out very well during the hour or so I was able to stay.

Here is one of the final images of the pre-dawn color with the Leica S 006 Vario 30-90mm:

and a few minutes later as the color was fading, I held the X1 on top of the tripod mounted S for this handheld capture:

Please forgive the not-so-good jpeg images.

My reason for this thread is to show how low MP images can be of use to me and possibly others. It may be that MDF or even full-frame is overkill for what we do. It may be that we want a digital camera that can serve as a "polaroid preview" while scouting or setting up for a serious shoot.

In my case, it is just plain fun to shoot the compact cameras, unlike the very awkward ergonomics and limited performance of iPhone images... If and when I can put the little X1 in the workflow, I do, and I have been delighted with it for almost 8 years, now. Upon reflection, all of my digital cameras from 8 years ago are gone, but the X1 remains for a reason.

Please post your images. I would appreciate your sharing and experiences.:thumbup:
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And this is a snapshot of the S and its little brother the X1.

Both fit with chargers, batteries, filters, personal items, medicines, wallet, and more in my 10-yr old Hadley Pro.

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Spring 2019 comparison images of same flower. The Leica X1 image was captured a day after the bloom was shot with the Nikon D850.

Leica X1:

Nikon D850 50/1.8 G:


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The Leica D-Lux 7 with its M4/3's sensor would seem to qualify for the thread - mine arrived yesterday. :) Only have had chance to pop out into the garden for a couple of shots of our crab-apple tree (the b&w is an OoC hi-contast .jpg) and a quick play with the close-up/macro setting. Lots of features to explore yet!



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Always wanted a D-Lux camera!

Please post some more!!!!!:thumbs:

Love that nib closeup!
Thanks, Dave :)

Haven't managed much else since the above pics (other things distracting me) aside from a quick play indoors with some the features. Hopefully on Monday I will have a local bike ride for some landscape & local scenes shots.

'Impressive Art'

'High Contrast B&W'

'High Contrast B&W' in Macro Mode



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More from Monday. D-Lux 7.

No chance of a quick coffee...

Hi-speed delivery service ready to roll...

Pleanty of fruit & veg.

Enterprise Centre - Not!



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Hopefully people are not getting too bored with my offerings - am I the only one with a D-Lux 7?

From a stroll this afternoon around our quiet & peaceful local lake - very pleasant. :)
1) Canada Goose. 2) & 3) Wild Garlic - lots of it! 4) Red Campion.



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National Building Museum. Washington D.C. Taken during a General Public Trade show w/wares that were set up throughout the main lobby (prior to Covid-19 pandemic).

Leica X-Vario.

Dave (D&A)


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Psychedelia in the Garden.

Leica X1

Sometimes you walk by and see something striking. So, you just take the shot.:)