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Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!


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I normally shoot street art on film with one of my MF cameras, but living in Queenstown NZ and with restricted travel, I haven't had much opportunity to shoot any street art. So I bought a Rolleicord Vb III and thought I would have a play with double exposures. Have always loved Rolleis. This one from my first test roll of Potra 160.Statue.JPG

P. Chong

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I have shown this photograph before, but its interesting what happens when an old photograph is re-processed. And I used the new Photoshop 2021 Sky Replacement pretty well. Hasselblad H3D HM16-32 with HC 2.8/80mm at 1/180s, f/11 on Ilford HP5. The cool thing about the H3D is that it actually imprints the EXIF on the edge of the film.


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Ah! I must have missed that Photoshop 2021 and sky feature. Thanks!:)

I still love using the film backs! They are simply a joy and the modular concept still resonates with me in so many ways.:)
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P. Chong

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Maybe this is a bit more convincing. Also using the Sky Replacement feature on Photoshop. Its early days yet, but I think there is promise. I think the Sky Replacement is more natural than the new Neural Filters, though I am sure that will improve too.

El Capitan from the Merced River. Also with Hasselblad H3D HM16-32 with HC 2.8/80 at f/11, 1/180s, Ilford HP5. BTW, I don't take copious notes after each shot, and for the benefit of those who do not know, the H3D imprints the EXIF data on the edge of the film.


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Hmmm... an H3D plus film back is certainly a cost effective way to have a superb MF film system.:)

Always enjoy your posts and images, keep them coming! :cool:


Looking through some old MF transparencies I found a couple which seemed worth scanning.
The first is of Loch Broom looking towards Ullapool and the Summer Isles in NW Scotland.
Taken in June 1967 or 1968 with my first MF camera - a Pentacon 6 with 180mm Zeiss Jena Sonnar on Kodak film. I’m not sure which type as it only says Kodak Safety Film along the edge.
I still have this camera and lens and remember it being a real pain with intermittent frame overlap but it succeeded in making me fall in love with MF cameras and I have never been without one since.
I did very little to the image post scanning, except to make small adjustments to the tone in PS in order to match the (rather interesting) colour of the original. And a massive amount of spotting of course!
I know that it was taken hand held because it never crossed my mind to use a tripod in those days and the sharpness may have suffered as a result. Or maybe the lens and my technique wasn’t that good!

1305FDF5-F8EC-4731-8637-09C403AFB639.jpegNW Scotland June 1967/68, Pentacon 6 + 180mm Sonnar.


The second one below was taken with a Mamiyaflex C330 a few years later (probably June 1971) in the same area when fly fishing in the hill lochs above Loch Broom. The fisherman was my old mate Ray Collier who sadly died last year.
The film was Agfa CT18 and lens probably the 180mm Sekor judging by the perspective. A great camera and lens in my opinion.
Very few adjustments after scanning (except the inevitable spotting necessary on a 50 year old transparency) and tone adjustments to match the original colour.
The composition leaves something to be desired but I vividly remember taking it and it brings back a lot of good memories.

NW Scotland circa 1971 Mamiyaflex C330 + 180mm Sekor Agfa CT18

Y Sol

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Because I have a lot of time now and no jobs (Corona) I started to look again in the archives.
These photos were taken for a food magazine in the 1990’s with my Hasselblad 500CM, Distagon CF 50mm and Kodak EPP
“Scanned“ with Panasonic S1 and Sigma Art 105mm macro on a small led light box.