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Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

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Well, now,

Analog night... just finished a guitar session. Acoustic of course!

Developed a roll of 35 mm film for practice from my vintage Nikon Nikkormat Ftn.

And mailed a letter to a friend in Philly, typewritten on my vintage Smith Corona.

Somehow it all felt more fulfilling than anything I have done in a long time.:):):)

Next up to develop is TriX 120 film from the H5!!! So relaxing....


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After not shooting film in a couple of months, I brought the Hasselblad and 80/2.8 to a socially-distanced bon voyage gathering with a few close friends. My buddy Dan is heading off to New Zealand for a sabbatical. I'm not only jealous of his escape to normal non-covid living there, but being able to travel around NZ :)

Shot on Tri-X 400

by Graham Gibson, on Flickr


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On a walk in the Cotswolds in England a couple of years ago.
This was shot on Portra with a Mamiya RZ67. Not sure about the lens, most probably the 110. All hand-held.
Scanned on a Minolta scan multi with vuescan and processed in C1.

I've been inspired by this thread and picked up the RZ again today to shoot some portraits of the family.


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