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Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!


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From Monday afternoon's roll of FP4+. Two photos of a canal bridge taken about twenty minutes or so apart. My internal jury can't quite come to a decision as to preference...
View attachment 182351View attachment 182352

H503CX, 80mm Planar, medium yellow filter, FP4+, Ilfosol 3.
The first one. The light coming through the bridge and casting a spot of light on the opposing wall and reflected in the water reinforces the architecture in an interesting way. I also prefer how the railing intersects the scene. The second is nice, but it does not offer as many surprises--it is just a picture of a bridge.


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Well, that all seems to be conclusive - five-nil in favour of photo 1. Elsewhere it was nine-two. Acknowledging that yes, it is just a picture of a bridge I still have a slight preference for photo 2 and its emphasis on the structure, design and materials - must be my engineering mindset!

Anyhows, thank you all for taking the time to comment - appreciated!


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One result of firing off a roll of 120 for the first since last April is a renewed appreciation of the rich tonality and tonal gradation etc offered by MF film. Example below from Monday's roll of FP4+ / Ilfosol 3. Must make more use of the Hasselblad!

H503CX, 80mm Planar, FP4+, Ilfosol 3.

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Well now...

The past few weeks I have been building and growing my photography garden. Needless to say it has been time-consuming and extremely hard physical work and I have had no time for any photography at all. I have tried a few things with varying results but I found myself enjoying a $25 Nikon F80 shooting 10-year old expired b/w film. Developing it in Ilford DDX gave me wonderful results.

It also gave me clarity.

While I have lost interest completely in the ever-changing digital photography product world, I am actual smiling every time I pick up the film cameras I have. I can't say that about reading about the latest billion mp phone cameras, let alone the proliferation of cameras that cost 6-12 months of my annual living costs. I simply don't care anymore about the latest and greatest. It is still all about the photographer right? This photographer is bored with the high tech tsunami.

At this very moment, my most prized images are from our wedding in 1971 and our photos of our life in the early years with our children. All shot on film.

In July, we celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary! Yes, we will have digital images of our small ceremony in our rose garden. But I will also have film images as well.

After a half century of photography, I still find pleasure in the craft of image making and pulling the slides and negatives from decades ago to enjoy them. In my hand. I can touch the same film I touched and shot in my camera decades ago. There is some kind of powerful mojo there that contributes to my memories.

I have now 6 rolls of Velvia awaiting shipment to Dwayne's for developing. Going on six months now I have been scrimping and saving for the developing and scanning costs... not yet there, though, but iit will be worth it.

Not so with 35mm or 120 b/w film! I develop it myself. And I still enjoy the results! But I also enjoy the craft aspect of film photography, and I can't seem to leave it behind!

Hopefully I will have some Mamiya 7ii Velvia images in a few weeks to share.

But for now, I am loading up some black and white 120 film in the M7 tonight.The H5 has already been loaded. So now since my 2021 planting is done, I can schedule some meaningful shooting... In-between my work sessions creating a photo-friendly backdrop out of our back yard, that is!:):):)

Keep posting, you all are inspiring me with every image!


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This shot was taken handheld with my Malefic 6x17 3D printed camera, using a Nikkor 90/8. I again had some issues with the film rolling properly, and the left side of the frame wasn't held properly flat and is out of focus. I think I need to be extra careful with how I'm loading this thing and using both thumb knobs to keep the film taught while advancing.

Mt. Diablo View
by Graham Gibson, on Flickr


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I'm heading to the Guadalupe Valley wineries near Tijuana for a week (I'm vaccinated, the wineries are open, but the tourist community hasn't returned yet... ideal time to take a holiday there!). I'm carrying my Voigtlander Perkeo II and a few rolls of film... looking forward to seeing what I see.. :)



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Day 1 of Perkeo in Tijuana: Made 6 exposures, have to slow down! Only have 18 more exposures worth of film ... need to shoot more with the iPhone! :) LOL!!

I'm running completely on guesstimated exposure to this point ... simple, sunlight scenes, why worry about a meter? ASA 100 film, set f/11 and 1/100 sec, focus by zone. Open up a stop or two in shade. Life can be so simple. :D