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Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!


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I digitize all of my film with my Sony mirrorless, a setup which basically cost me nothing (already owning all of the equipment) and gives me full control over the process. I've had various lab scans done of various qualities except drum scans, and my own process either comes close to or exceeds lab scan quality. My volume is low enough though that I can take my time with the more tedious bits like dust removal though.


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Shot on my last morning in Key West. I enjoy the sunrises more than the sunsets so I concentrated on them. I had expected there to be more photo opportunities but in general Key West is not very photogenic.

100s, Hasselblad Sonnar f4 180mm, 30 seconds, 13 stop ND.

Victor B._DSF1870.jpg


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Thanks Dave...... I posted in this forum by mistake and cross posted in the Fun With Medium Format forum.


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@ggibson - I love the colours in the last series of pictures of your children. Makes me long for grandkids now!
My kids are too old to look cute in photos, but too young to have the next generation!


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Just had to take a break in all my different awfull tasks, so here it come, an awfull picture from Venice, at least with awfull keystone...but, anyway, I'm in total love with this picture, can't help it, taken 2003, late evening after walking all day long in venice, so a bit tired, actual rather exhausted, but I simply had to have both that little awesome window to the left with me, in that wonderfull tiny trestaurant, and iron rails too, placed the Gitzo on the steps, the mood was thick, so to say, strange silence with a silent tone of reverbaration, and strange abandonated feeling, without being abandonated (absolute nothing can be compared with the sound of silence in Venice, late lonely evenings, best in autum, late winter or early spring, it gets direct in your bones, its pure magic). But I'm lost, I can't find the place anymore on the map, it should be easy to find, you would claim, the canal taking not a 90 degree turn, perhaps a 100 or 105 degree turn, and the stairway is not in a parellel direction or in extension to the sidewalk, just being ofset in perhaps 20-25 degree, and sidewalk in this format is unusual even in Venice, narrowing itself and takes an ofset together with the canal compared to the street behind - all in all it ought to be easy to find, but looking at the map for several hours, it ain't, I just want to revisit and explore the magic further,
but anyway here it is:

Hasselblad SWC with Fuji Velvia

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