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Fun with MF Achromatic Digital Backs


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About that....

I just heard from Daniel at Monochrome Imaging who said at this time he can't convert that sensor (the IMX161 in the GFX/X1D), and that he doesn't see that changing any time in the near future.
Too bad. If the GFX50R pans out for me I was cintemplating converting one to monochrome for walk around use.:cry:

Guess I'll have to stick with my IQ3100 Achromatic for now.:clap:


In Scotland w/ IQ3100-Achro/Arca Factum/Rodie 40

ISO 200 / 1/30s / f11 / 1 deg tilt + 5mm fall for composition / Lee .6 GND + 486 filters

CF000691 1.jpg

ISO 200 / 1/60s / f11 / 1 deg tilt + 5mm fall for composition / Lee .6GND + 486 filters


Hey! I'm Down Here
ISO 200 / 1/8s / f16 / 0 deg tilt + 5mm fall for composition / 486 filter

CF000667 1.jpg

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Gouda, Netherlands

iPhone shot of print – Windmill image photographed with:

P1 645DF+
IQ260 Achromatic
Mamiya AF 45mm (non D)
IR filter 072

Edited in Capture One Pro v12

This printer is only printing 6 shades of black ink - no colour ink.

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Paul, outstanding work. You put 830nm for the IR filter.

I'm curious which brand or format do folks prefer using? I've got various from B+W 093 and Hoya 072 - all circular. I'd like to be able to have all my filters in 100x100 in the LEE holder, but LEE only makes the polyester sheets.

These are from Mckee Gardens in Vero Beach, Fl.
P1 XF-IQ3 100 Achromatic, 830nm. Focus Stacked
f8,SK35LS,1/60''and f11, SK35LS,1/40"
www.paulsimonphotography.netView attachment 136222View attachment 136223