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Fun with MF images 2021


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Sunflower field, Woodland/Dixon CA

My first visit to sunflower field in California. I found it is the best chance to have a good sunset based on several weather forecasts. I was lucky to have beautiful clouds as you can see in here.
It took 2 hours of drive to get here but it also took couple ours to find a flower field with good back ground for sunset.

Fuji GFX100s/ 23mm/ 32-64mm/ Focus Stacked



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Hi All - did some work this past weekend with friends at the local studio - seeing how the phase one back handles light & shadow :) Enjoy!CF149851090.jpgCF149857091.jpgCF149731076.jpgCF149864096.jpg

Hope you like my attempts with the Phase one DF+ :) still having some issues keeping the back happy compared to my Hasselblad rig.



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Lupine, Redwood National Park, CA
I drove up to Redwood National and State Parks (450miles, 700km one way) expected to find rhododendron flowers but I couldn’t find a good scenes in this year.
I knew it is a bit too late for Lupine but I drove by Bald Hills Road on the way back home and found and captured couple scenes.
It was under light rain but fortunate to have dense fog keep coming and clearing.

Fuji GFX100s/ 32-64mm/ Focus Stacked


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Ithaca Falls after some severe storms yesterday. The trail up to the falls is closed again for another EPA remediation cleanup attempt (#3) to mitigate lead and arsenic contaminated soil coming off the gorge cliff where the old Ithaca Gun company was situated. The spot where the two girls are standing is as close as one can get to the falls now.

GFX 100s GF 80/1.7
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