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Fun with MF images 2021


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Just that time of the week, from yesterdays hike, and what trouble we went through again, with local security actually warning us we might need to pay 30k RMB if we dont turn around. we did and walked into the other direction.

I originally planned to take my C645 with p65+ that day, to capture some nice autumn colors with the CCD. But i was out with that setup at the day before and the rechargeable battery(around 10 years old?) didnt hold up for 70 exposures, so i took my trusted GFX100 and mostly used my C645 120mm Makro for stitching.
New 2CR5s ordered


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Took advantage of the great weather today and went on a walk along a river to enjoy some autumn colors. There was a consistent breeze this morning so I knew I would not be able to get sharp leaves. So I put on a 10 stop ND filter and embraced the motion blur :)

Cambo Actus-GFX/GFX 50S/Nikkor-SW 65mm f/4




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Every once in a while (for me, a long, long while), a manually focused long lens actually gets the object in question. Leica S(007), Zeiss 250/5.6 Superachromat

More typical for me... (I posted a tighter crop, but now prefer it looser.)

Or color? Hmmm...

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MGrayson said:
Nice! All I'd see on the way to the mailbox would be the elevator :(.
Is that a windmill in the center distance?
Indeed it is, one of a 2 small wind turbines visible from the top of the fields, the other is out of frame at left.


Actually there appear to be 2 wind turbines in that image. So 3 visible from the hilltop.
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