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Fun with MF images 2021


I was there once, about 10 years ago. It was at least 3am, after a hard night of partying...we dropped in for a bite. And we saw Angela Merkel getting her Currywurst fix there...ok, we were quite drunk, but positive it was her...probably...
It's possible, her predecessor Schröder basically introduced this place as the one for the political elite to get their Currywurst fix. (Sorry for being off topic here)


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As some of you know, I never post work either because 1) it's contracted to a client or under embargo or 2) it's personal work for a reason. However, every so often, I do get done early enough to find something fun to shoot that's not too serious. So, here's two for @darr and all you working folks out there. Here's to the martini shot!

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Such beauty, doc!!
Thank you for taking the time to shoot and share.
Definitely a place I would rather be. 😀
Made my week!!

Kind regards,


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View from the Rockefeller Center.
This image was taken on a Saturday Morning in October 2021. There was almost nobody on Top of the Rock and we were the only people in the elevator to the roof top, when in "normal" times the waiting time would be around 4 hours.
The pano was stitched from 3 images taken with a Hasselblad X1D and a XCD 4/45p.
Software for stitching was Affinity Photo. This image should be viewed very large. It shows so many details not only from Central Park. You might even detect a small plane over the park. Larger pic on flickr.

Top of the Rock • Central Park by Klaus Hornig, auf Flickr

P. Chong

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A traditional bakery and restaurant tucked in one corner in a quiet mall. The current owner quit his job as an engineer to continue the family's 100 year old recipes, to ensure that it remains viable.

Leica S3 Summarit-S 35. BW and X-Pan crop applied in PS.




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I was minding my own business - comparing extension tubes on the Zeiss to the Elpro (dedicated close-up lens) for the APO-Tele-Elmar-S 180mm f/3.5 - when a hail storm passed through. Then I looked out the window. That's the Mt. Sinai Department of Psychiatry, if you want some interesting symbolism.
Leica S(007), 180mm @ f/6.8



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Went to the north east of beijing yesterday, since we have another covid outbreak in some areas, the government makes it more and more difficult to enter villages we need to pass through to reach the great wall.

I made a plan to avoid the obvious entry points and was able to hike nonetheless, it was a beautiful day.

Again, my trusted C645 with 35mm and P1 P65+