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Fun with MF images 2022

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Thank you, Greg. Every day now brings more surprises. The Spring presentation only started this past week and already I have hundreds of images to edit and process.

I am delighted that you enjoy them.

Each day I learn something. The light changes slowly, but it is sneaky fast. Colors, textures, change continually, and even the flowers open from a closed bud to near fully open in as little as four hours. Nature changes so smoothly it is quite fast!

I find myself in Linda’s Garden from 6:30-9:30am and of course late afternoons, walking, observing, waiting, and sometimes rushing as the light changes minute by minute. I shoot handheld without artificial lighting, or even reflectors, mostly because my time outdoors is extremely limited.

It is always inspiring to see others’ like yourself posting amazing images. We all inspire each other!:):):)

Ed Hurst

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Dave, been looking forward to seeing images from you garden this year, I hope there are many more to come!
Seconded. I look forward to them too, relishing their mood, tones, technical skill and the rich sense of loving joie-de-vivre they express. Somehow they reveal a mixture of effortlessness and hard-won precision.

They help me to just breeeeaaaaathe.....


Active member
Long story short, I bought an S007 from our forum member. Thanks for his patience in waiting for me to sort out the shipment. Finally, I flew over to his place to pick up in person.
I enjoyed it a lot. First shot with it. SOOC, just crop to my fav ratio.
S007+120mm 2.5 @5.6
Lit with Broncolor para 88.

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Anwar, thank you.

There is a long story behind each photo from the garden, beginning in 1970.:) It is a story of young love, and a long journey down a twisting pathway involving the many people who have helped shape my life.

I have it memorized, but also I have it printed to share in certain moments in time. So when I share the images, it is a personal matter, because each one is a special part of my “innermost being” , whatever that means. I like to think of it as a little bit of soul.

I heard a quote the other day while working on our family history. Paraphrased, it was: “I went looking for my Mother’s garden and found one of my own”. It is interesting how life changes result in sometimes beautiful and unexpected ways.:):):)