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Fun with MF images 2022


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Twilight Fog by John Ngai, on Flickr
WRS1250 | IQ4 150 | SK 120 ASPH | f/11 | 1m00s, Automated Frame Average | 2-image blend​

"Fogust" - or foggy August as it's known in the San Francisco Bay Area - seems to have come and gone a bit early this year when work had me too pre-occupied to get out. I had been dreaming of summer fogscapes over the weekend when I remembered that I had some unfinished business from last August... I went into my old files, dug up this image - captured exactly one year ago but set aside in favor of other images I was working on at the time - and finished processing it.



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Made a Monday road-trip to the North Carolina coast yesterday. Couldn't resist. 8 hours total driving for 10 hours at the beach. Totally worth it :)

For you pirate history buffs, Edward Teach's (Blackbeard) ship Queen Anne's Revenge is about 1 mile off shore to the right of frame on the first shot in about 28' of water.



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Each of the entrance ways to my estate in North London is tiled with individual early 20th century patterns. It was about two years ago I decided to go around and shoot (most of) them. Just revisiting now, and will turn into a full collage with every block featured at some stage, but this is the collection so far. The design and decoration is totally charming, and defines the neighbourhood for me.

Taken with Phase One XT IQ4 150MP and 70mm Rodenstock lens.

Lissenden Tiles 1500px.png