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Fun with MF images 2023

Bill Caulfeild-Browne

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A tourist snap shot of the Church of St. Joseph, Panama City. The Golden Altar is carved out of wood and covered with gold leaf; it was painted black by the Jesuits to deceive the pirates headed by Captain Henry Morgan when they attacked the city in 1675.

XF IQ4, 45 mm, hand held 1/50th f5.6 ISO 3200. There is virtually no discernible noise in the file.



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Cherry Blossoms in Early Morning Light by John Ngai, on Flickr
X2D | 3.2/90 XCD | f/8 | 1.9s | ISO 64​

I happened to be in town just as the Washington DC cherry blossoms were peaking around the Tidal Basin. The pre-dawn crowds notwithstanding, it was quite a spectacular experience.


P.S. Phocus2 allowed me to trigger the shutter remotely from my iPhone, which came in handy as getting a clear shot between the steady stream of foot traffic was about as tricky as running across a busy freeway at rush hour!
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Greg Haag

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I have had my Hasselblad HC lenses since I got my first medium format digital camera the Hasselblad H2 in around 2007 (I think). I have never been willing to sell them, just keep adapting them, first to the Leica S006 then S007 and now to the GFX. This was with the S007 at Caddo Lake State Park. I find the bald cypress a bit like shooting Mesquite Flat Dunes in Death Valley, in the sense that the opportunities are almost endless.

Leica S007 Hasselblad HC 210
caddo lake state park.jpg