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Fun with MF images 2023


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The Hawkesbury River bridge (lit by a passing freight train) seen from the hills above Brooklyn.

Fuji GFX100S with Pentax 67 55-100mm lens (@100mm)

Ed, you've created a really unusual shot of Hawkesbury River Bridge. That lighting trick saved you a lot of work! Well done.

That isolated peak beyond it on the horizon caught my eye too. I think it must be Mount Wondabyne. The glow on the horizon to the left must be from Gosford.

It's rather remarkable that despite Sydney's growth there is a large area more or less untouched so close to it.


Ed Hurst

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Glad you like it, mate! Yes, that's Mount Wondabyne in the distance...

Getting this shot required a bushwalk in near total-darkness for about an hour. The moon came up while I was there (planned that way to light the scene) so at least the return was illuminated a little :)


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Hello again. It's Matt "I'm not going to take any more damn photos out my window" here to violate my oath. Damned backlit spring colors. But I DID get a chance to compare the Leica S3 with the Hassy X2D again. I'll skip to the verdict. I *like* using the S3 more. Much more. I get as good (Or better. There. I said it.) images more easily with the X2D. And this wasn't even counting weight, as I didn't have to carry the cameras anywhere.

And that's not outrageous shadow lifting on the tree. It's lit by reflected building light.

X2D XCD 90/3.2 at f/5.6 1/90 sec ISO 100

Oh, and here's the Leica S3 with S120/2.5 at f/4, 1/350, ISO 100 (underexposed to keep leaf highlights from blowing out). Apologies for changing things up after the fact. The S3 image was bothering me for its weak red - hence the over-processing. I forgot that I was using the Adobe Profiles instead of the embedded Leica S3 profile. Once I made that change, the results were much better and I did not have to go for cartoonish levels of contrast and saturation.

I think I prefer the X2D composition, but it's amazing how close the look and color can be on these two systems. I almost wish I had a Phase One system to compare *its* colors. No. No I don't. Really. I don't use the gear I have enough to justify keeping both Leica and Hasselblad systems. :(

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