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Fun with MF images 2023

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Just getting started with the new season here. Already my backlog of processing images from the rose garden is over 200.

Here are a few from the last two weeks as the garden is finding its way forward slowly but steadily. As usual, all images are handheld (I can’t be bothered with a tripod or the latest electronic bells and whistles, and I am delighted) . More are posted over on the Leica forum, S2 thread.

Leica S 006
Vario 30-90mm:
First Clematis Bloom on the Vine by Leica S April 2023.jpeg

Sunday Morning Yellow Buds Bouquet by Leica S May 2023.jpeg

Yellow Bud Partial Bloom by Leica S May 2023.jpeg

Mr. Lincoln Rose Open by Leica S May 2023.jpeg


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Discovery Park & Olympic Mountains, shot with a 45MM Sinaron Digital Lens and an IQ3 Achro + 850NM IR Filter.

How? I made a custom SWC/Alpa TC inspired Pancake Frame Camera!
Can you please let us know a bit more about that Pancake Frame Camera you made ?


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Black_Point_Mono_Lake-8603-PEF_DxO_DeepPRIME-MasterA.jpgBelt of Venus colors the waters of Mono Lake after blue hour.
P645Z, 45-85, other data not recorded in the JPG. Image made years ago (fall 2019) while waiting for the GFX50 and then GFX100 to be produced. I will have to go back with the Rmd3i and IQ4150. I was fortunate that Charlie Cramer was with me, and after blue hour photographs I started to head back to the car. He told me to stick around for the Belt of Venus.
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Ed Hurst

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I thought this might make an interesting comparison.

Long Gully Bridge connected the Sydney suburbs of Cammeray and Northbridge, spanning Flat Rock Creek and Tunks Park. Opened in 1892, this was originally a suspension bridge, built by developers to encourage the growth of Northbridge by making it more accessible. For many years, the bridge carried trams in addition to other road traffic. Due to deterioration of the original structure, between 1937 and 1939 it was rebuilt as a reinforced concrete arch bridge, with the original sandstone towers retained.

The first shot has been seen here before, taken two years ago using Pentax 645Z and 28-45mm lens @ 28mm

This version was shot recently, using Fuji GFX100S and the Laowa 20mm lens at maximum shift (upwards, of course) to straighten things. Even max shift (12mm) wasn't enough, so the tripod did point upwards a little, requiring some perspective adjustment in post, but much less than had the shifting not been involved. It's the shift lens aspect I am comparing, not the camera body used.

Incidentally, the shift lens was much more flare prone, requiring some shielding at the time - more details of that to be shown in the 'behind the scenes' thread soon.

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Fantastic work as always here…👍👍👍

but this is a “Fun with… “ thread, I think. So what could be more appropriate than poking fun at one’s own mistakes? 😂

Our roses are doing their thing, as usual. And I thought I would do mine, but lately I have been dealing with vertigo where the problem is arising from my right side. I did the crystal head position maneuver a few times and it seemed to help. But I forgot that I really have problems if I am shooting with my head turned parallel to the ground on the right side, sometimes required for a vertical shot.

Instant vertigo! Somewhat similar to riding a roller coaster. Yuck!🥵

But I managed a half dozen shots to get a double bloom presentation. Not great. But interesting. After I was able to raise my head and sit still a few minutes, things were ok to stand and wander back to the house.

Failure again! The image did not quite work as I was trying to force the poor lighting, to be better than it was…I can do much better than this, I just know it! It’s not unusual to fail, but I had no desire to return to the garden the rest of the day and of course that moment of opportunity was lost forever.🤷🏼‍♂️

This is one of those surreal images that reminded me of a mirror reflection. Or a nightmare with stomach turning vertigo! LOL…😂

I really worked hard to do these beautiful roses justice. But as the song goes sometimes you eat humble pie, sometimes you cry.🤷🏼‍♂️

Lesson learned… again. The gear is not the most important consideration, nor is the motif, when the photographer is not up to par.😂

But sometimes it is good to admit to failures… and share them…they happen a lot!

Leica S 006
Vario 30-90mm:
Double Love and Peace by Leica S May 2023.jpeg
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