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Fun with MF images 2023

P. Chong

Well-known member
Coffee shop where the Old Chang Kee Curry Puffs originate from in Selegie Road Area, Singapore. The stall is famous for its curry puffs - a kind of pie, much like a mini Calzone, filled with curried chicken, potatoes and other spices.

Alpa 12 STC with Rodenstock HR 40/4.0, Hasselblad CFV II 50C back. Shot hand held. Exposure guesstimated using the Sunny F16 rule. ISO 200, 1/200s at f/16. BW conversion in Photoshop after exporting from Phocus as jpeg using the yellow filter.


Michiel Schierbeek

Well-known member
I love this one Michiel! How do like the Fuji? Seems you, Ed, and I were the last of the 645Z posters. Although I bought a 50R in 2019, I still have the Z and much prefer it in almost every aspect to the R (except weight and shutter vibration.
Sorry for the late reply Tom, I didn't see your post before. The Z was an amazing camera but it grew to heavy on me. I sold it to a young big guy who's going to make portraits with it.
I much prefered the interface and knob lay out of the Pentax and also the vertical and horizontal levels when shooting in live view on a tripod. It just grew too heavy on me, I am turning 75 this year so I needed something lighter. I walk around a lot. I am used to the Fuji 100s now and all is fine. For even longer walks or bikerides I just bought a Sigma fp L. Big files and great colors. For my type of (slow) shooting I have no problems with that camera. (I have red all the -negative- reviews) I think it is a wondefully designed little camera.
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