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Fun with MF images 2024


Well-known member
I'm still on the M1 series (Studio and MBP) and haven't found a compelling reason to upgrade yet.... Wonderful computers.

Victor B.
Indeed, they are great machines. I moved directly from Intel to M3 max, and of course the jump was huge!
If we add that macOS is a Unix-like OS, what more could I possibly ask for? :)


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Hi Darlene,
Did you ever find any magenta cast on your colour pictures with your rental 28P on your 907x 50c ?
Hi Robert,
There is no magenta cast on my color images made with the rental 28P.
For me, it is a great lens. I only wish I could find one for sale! 😊
Kind regards,


Well-known member
Would love to hear more of your reactions regarding the 32HR. I don't shoot wide that often and have the Schneider 35XL for those few times that I need that kind of FOV. My 35XL has nowhere near the movement capabilities of the Rody 32 but I can squeeze 10mm worth of rise but that's just about it. The 32HR would be a good compliment to my Rody 50mm albeit pricey - but then all the good stuff is.

Victor B.
Hey Victor! It's wider than what I typically need, but I have some shot ideas for the future that need the extra degrees and movement freedom. I don't know if I could justify this lens if I already had a 35XL though even with the extra movement space just due to how little I need to go this wide. I haven't personally tried the 35XL but I am sure it is no slouch.