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Thank you Dave as always for your kind supports to everyone on the forums. You are unbreakable and a symbol of hope.

I found the 3 trees sticking together in the wilderness like the Trinity so I felt this is something I wanted to use as a background for the mystical BW photo. When I visualized the condition, I also felt the light projection was useable to complement the shadow despite being a mid day sun. The gray outfit being in the shade casted a dominant black to contrast the very bright mid day sun in the field and the trees rendered in shade of mid gray. The photo has the brightest white, mid gray and black to represents the BW spectrum of the Trinity. The picture represents a widow mourns for her lost and looking at the Trinity for deliverance. Since we lost another family member this past week, this trinity symbol serves as a dedication to our lost and instills our hope.
Thank you, Son. Our condolences for your family loss, I had no idea, and I hope you will soon be able to immediately smile when memories of your loved one visit your thoughts.

Your story behind the image does indeed strike an emotional chord as well. Very thoughtful, very poignant. You have made my day better and I thank you for that.:thumbs:

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The first time I wanted to visit this place was back in 2017, but then more urgent / desirable / exotic places were coming up and I always thought 'for a weekend it's not worth the hazzle'. This weekend I finally did it and it was great to camp and hike.

No time for edits yet as I just returned, so this is OOC.

This time I first time wished for a more lightweight setup, since I lugged around my Hasselblad with 3 lenses and large format camera with 2 lenses, filters, light meter, etc. - summing up with water, rain gear, and food to 22kg which I carried 27km.

Rügen, Germany

View attachment 150167

Hasselblad 500C/M, Superachromat 250, IQ1 60
Anyone, this is simply a gorgeous image. Thank you for sharing. :thumbup:

Sigh, I miss my 503cxi, especially when I see images from a Superachromat 250.
I hope you will share many more, your work is beautiful and we appreciate all the hard work. :):):)


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This is the extremely important Trinity Church erected in 1726 and designed by Richard Munday a well regarded architect of that era who also created the Colony House here in Newport, RI.
The interior of the Church contains a wine-glass or chalice shaped three tired pulpit
Apologies for the messed up grass in the foreground, as I am not the landscaper, just a lowly humble photographer.


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My calendar says it is Independence Day here. It sure doesn't feel like it.:(

Sure, I have flag photos, and a grill on the terrace awaiting a delivery later today from the local grocery store, and, it is hot weather. But it doesn't seem the same.

In days past, we would load up the Harley touring bike and head off to multi-day road trip destinations. No more, sadly, as life changes have made those simple pleasures a thing of the past.

Oh, I still have all the gear, my helmet, jackets, boots, gloves, electric warming gear for the cold winter days, and my rain suit. Maybe one day down the road, a bucket list trip on a rental bike will happen but I have no reason to think it will happen.

Even my old friend, the Biker Gnome, has become a homebody, hanging out in the flower garden rather than the garage. It is good how friends are always there when you need them.:):):)

Leica S
Vario 30-90mm:

Note: My little "gnome image" was posted last year, but like all friends, I enjoy seeing their photos now and then. :thumbup:

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As summer begins to fade... really, where did it go? thoughts are of the Colors of Autumn in just a few months.

2019 Autumn Colors in the Rain:

Leica S 006
Vario 30-90mm

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"Summer beginning to fade?" I thought it just got started - at least here where we have a heatwave and drought!
But I love the Fall leaves!
Haha! In four weeks, our Bermuda grass will slow and enter the first stage of dormancy. Schools will be, supposedly, back in session. And the days are now getting shorter. It seems time slipslides away so quickly!

I hear you about thinking it is just starting... C19 has really screwed up everything, summer has not been normal at all. For us at least.

Our hot weather will unfortunately carry through September. Ugh.

It is still uncertain how the leaf peepers (like us) will be affected. But daydreaming will help my angst.:):):)


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Buck Moon over SF Bay

H07_05_2020_0011_12_blend v2-FrameShop.jpg

X1D | XCD90 | f/9.5 | 2-stop GND | 1/6 sec + 1.4 sec exposure blend | ISO 100

Things were pretty much shut down around the SF Bay Area over the holiday weekend, although access to one of my favorite vistas was re-opened at 5 AM July 5, just in time to catch the full Buck Moon at civil twilight. I've been having a bit of fun with the little Hasselblad during these pandemic days...

Hope all are staying healthy and safe!

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