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Lovely, shot John and the tonality and aspect ratio fits the image perfectly in my opinion. Nicely done!

Dave (D&A)


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Hi Joe,

Sorry for the late reply but I missed this post earlier. I also have an old Hassy 503CW and since it does not have a built-in shutter lock (or does it and i'm out to lunch?) I wondered how you executed this shot with the CFV II. Did you attach a short locking cable release and put it in B mode to shoot with electronic shutter on the back or did you use the camera shutter and attach a flash sync cable? Still contemplating getting back into MF again and the CFV II ticked a few boxes (could use with the 503 and V lenses or with my Cambo Actus and many other lenses that I have or invest in new X lenses and the 907x), but also could be a very slippery slope into a Dante snake pit. :eek:


Colors of spring (left to right, poplar, pine, oak).

Playing with CFV II 50C and 503CW. Finally I managed to get the latter off the shelf above my computer and use it.

Behind the scene:



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Carl, typically a V-series camera has the "T"-function on a (quite small) lever next to the release button. At least my 500C/M has, so probably the 503CW also?


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Viking Village is a favorite spot. First image taken with a wideish normal lens and is the typical view. Next two images taken with a telephoto lens to isolate and zero in on smallish details making a found still life.
GFX 50R. First image 32-64mm lens. Second and third 100-200mm lens. The Fuji 100-200mm lens is unbelievably sharp. Blowing up on screen to actual pixels is amazing. Can easily read small print on the life preserver sticker. Thanks for looking
Dave in NJ
D823 framed.jpg
D840 framed.jpg
D841 framed.jpg


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Carl, typically a V-series camera has the "T"-function on a (quite small) lever next to the release button. At least my 500C/M has, so probably the 503CW also?
They got rid of that level on the 501C/CM, 503CXi/CW, and all 200-series bodies. On the 503CW, the addition of the Winder needed a smooth button for the lever to press. Also, having T would cause all kinds of headaches when you forgot about it and fired the winder!


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Nothing too fantastic, but this was my first use of the Cambo Actus and focus stacking.. Hasselblad CF FLE 4/50mm @ 8 images stacked with Helicon.

Still more to experiment with and learn when it comes to the camera and focus stacking, and I have a CF 4/120mm Makro-Planar on the way! Prepare yourselves for more mediocre macros until I get this all figured out. :p



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St. Michael's Mount at sunrise

Saint Michael's Mount, in Cornwall (UK), is a beautiful and extremely photogenic island, and one that contrarily to its more famous French homonym gets completely isolated at high tide. While normally photographed with its iconic causeway from close, I also love to portray it from the distance, like here. 91 seconds of exposure at sunrise with my Hasselblad X1D, Hasselblad XCD 45mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra filters.

Thank you for viewing, best regards

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