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Fun with MF images


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At sunrise this morning, from my bedroom window, -18C outside so I shot from inside! Considerable crop.


Lovely, but it's cheating to shoot from your bedroom! The Dunkirk lighthouse near my home. Not quite as cold (at least that day), 25F or -3C. Both lighthouses are on the Great Lakes, I'm about 200 mi due south of Bill.



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Well, it wasn't -18C, but I was outside and in some heavy rain!

P1 XF | S-K 40-80 @ 40 | IQ4.150 | f/9 | 1.3s | ISO 50
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it was a gray, flat-light morning here today but still, who doesn't like a winter scene? at least I didn't have to travel too far - my neighbor's back yard :)

X1D and XCD90



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Bigger isn’t always better, or why you can’t see the difference most of the time

Thanks for posting this. Well worth the read. Reading my Lumix G9 referred to as a “behemoth” was funny, though I suppose in the MFT category, it is. It’s about the same size and weight as the Z7. Bur I will never use my G9 again for any serious IQ-sensitive shooting. Or any MFT until there are significant sensor improvements. Doesn’t necessarily have to be bigger, though that would be nice, but the MFT sensor needs to be better. Even at base ISO, there is just too much cleanup work. And in post, there is just not enough file elasticity or pliability before the quality degrades significantly. But overall, I agree with most of the very common sense in the article.

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