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Fun with MF images


Kofa Mountains - Arizona
GFX-50R, Irix 11mm + Medium Format Converter = 15.4mm (~12.3mm in 35mm format terms), ISO 200, f/11, 1/6s



Could you elaborate please, does it cover the full 33x44?

Good use of the ultra wide angle!
Venus Optics Laowa makes what they call the Magic Format converter which is essentially a 1.4x teleconverter that expands the image circle from 35mm format to 44x33 format. For about 99% of all Canon and Nikon mount lenses, it allows them to cover the full sensor. In case of the Irix 11mm which is insanely wide to begin with, it covers all but a real tiny little corner which is easily cropped or cloned without really losing much - at most the equivalent of 1mm in focal length. The problem with all Canon EF lenses and Nikon E lenses is that you can't change aperture since this is not an electronically coupled converter but with any Nikon G or earlier lens, the built in aperture ring in the Magic Format Converter (or aperture ring on even older Nikon lenses) allows you to change the aperture. A better lens, which I am soon getting, is the Laowa 12mm lens which has a real aperture ring making aperture adjustment more precise. Also the MFC was actually designed for this lens so it is better matched optically.

Stan Lawrence

New member
I wonder if it’s similar to the RB67 150SF...used that lens for years in my film days...

A few weeks ago, I posted a question here about the Mamiya SF C 145/4 soft focus lens, but I got no answers ...
So I decided to do a "blind buy" .. anyway the lens was not expensive at all ...
Today I started some test shots in the garden, with different settings of the softfocus ring (goes from blue, minimal sf to orange, very strong sf) for the recommended opening of f8

I found the effect of the orange, white and red position on the SF ring far too strong, so I will concentrate on the blue and green position for the time being ...

Here you have some examples ...

blue dot, least SF : yellow blossoms
green dot, a little more SF : camelia

C U,



Woke up to a couple of inches of snow this morning, made it to the beach before people walked on it!