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Fun with MF images


Spb, was that TTL with the XT2N or just sync? I've not been able to get TTL to work with the Godox and the XIDii or 907x.

Kind regards, Glenn

XCD 30mm ISO 1600, F11, 0.3 SEC - 1 flash connected to Flash Out bounced and and hand-held, camera on tripod. Both severe crops.

XCD 90mm, 100 ISO, F3.2, 1/500th, Manual exposure.
Finally I have my Godox AD200 and the Godox XT2(N) and the 907X working together.
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Spb, was that TTL with the XT2N or just sync? I've not been able to get TTL to work with the Godox and the XIDii or 907x.

Kind regards, Glenn
Completely manual
Manual Camera.
Manual Godox. Group A , Flash Power, Manual 1/32 +.07.

I never use TTL.
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A touch, just a smidgen more light might give it the zap you search in my opinion.
Thank you for your input (y)
I had some thought about what to do with this photo.
I did try to add some more light but it lost some contrast then.
So I have put it in the queue for photos that I will go back to in the future for some deeper analysis.
It is easy to do too much with this photo.

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Craig Stocks

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Continuing with my recent theme here's another astrophoto using the IQ4150 back. I'm really pushing the limits of the scope's image circle and have to do a fair amount of manual dodging and burning to correct for vignetting. Processed in Capture One and stacked in Photoshop.

This is the Horsehead Nebula and Flame Nebula surrounding the left-most star in Orion's belt.

Ironically the telescope itself is about the least expensive part of the setup, it's a SkyWatcher Quattro 8 inch f/3.9 reflector telescope that I bought new for around $600 two years ago.

Flame Nebula 20 subs 4 min 10-17-2020-3.jpg

Ray Harrison

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First image here... still trying to get the hang of the XF/150 combo - this with 80mm, too slow shutter speed, etc, cropped 1x2 (ish)P0000189.jpg. This is at Caribou Ranch Open Space near where I live in Denver, CO US. It's closest to a small town called Nederland. The ranch itself is famous for having been a recording studio until it burned down some years back. Elton John and a few other artists all recorded there. The landscape there is quite lovely.
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Ed Hurst

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North Head is a key point in Sydney - sitting at the entrance to the Harbour, it adjoins the famous suburb of Manly, it houses "Q Station" (which had been the quarantine facility when shiploads of people arrived with then-untreatable diseases) and also is home to a large area of bushland, rich in wildife such as the endangered bandicoot.

Following last summer's terrible bush fires, the drive for proper "hazard reduction burning" before the next hot season is strong. During such an operation on North Head, the fires got out of control and ran away from the fire service. Thankfully, things were salvaged before anything terrible could happen.

In these shots, you see the fire, with the buildings of Q Station in front of it.

Wider view is taken with Pentax 645Z and 120mm A lens. Closer in view used the 6x7 400mm EDIF lens.

P.S. Does anyone know how to embed files from Flickr directly into messages? I used to do this as a matter of course, but since the website redesign, I can't make it work. Ta!