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Fun with MF images


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Not many crops left to harvest this time of the year. There will be some asparagus and different types of citrus pretty soon, but other than that i don't know what my wife planted for winter so it will be a surprise. I see some stuff coming in already!

I harvested these persimmons a few days ago and they took their time to ripen. The smaller more rounded ones are Fuyu and the bigger, longer ones are Hachiya. My wife and I like them, but our dog is the biggest fan, she just goes crazy for them. I took her to nose-work class for several years and sometimes used Fuyu persimmons as treats. The instructor saw them the first time and thought I was crazy, but once she saw how hard the dog worked for them she was a believer. They worked better than rotisserie chicken and cheese!

Luckily the trees are by the beehives and she learned the hard way not to go there so the crop remains protected from our fruit predator.

My Lovers Garden0790 MASTER copy.jpg

XF / IQ4150 / 55 BR
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Ferry and sunset, Richmond Beach, Washington
Vintage Minolta Auto Rokkor-PF 58mm f1.4 adapted to Fuji GFX 50r
Processed using Mastin Labs Extar 100 preset
It was unusual to see the state ferry in this location. I think it was doing some tests. Right place at the right time.

Ferry and sunset Ektar 100 for web.jpg