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Fun with Nikon Images 2021


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One of the original two old ranch homes that sold off parcels of their orchards that my neighborhood was built on. The lots were parcelled out in the early 1950's, I believe these homes were originally built in the early 1920's. It was in the family for I think three generations, the final grandson heir passed away a couple years ago and the dilapidated house fell into complete ruin. It's been sold and will be torn down in the next several weeks. My guess is 2 brand new homes will occupy the current lot it sits on.

Nikon Z72, 35mm Lensbaby Burnside Petzval @ f5.6


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Coloration looks like male Anhinga
Thank you! From the link you provided, that looks exactly what it probably is, especially that the link's image is from Florida. So many interesting species of birds in South Florida that I've never seen up north. Appreciate the info and identification!

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Yes, I saw and liked the cherry blossom photos you posted in that thread!

It was as nice as always. I will try to post a few more photos during the following days.
The blossom time is over now - the daffodils and tulips are taking over :)

Its official name is the State Arboretum of Virginia ( It is a research facility associated with the University of Virginia, also open to the public. It is a bit of a longer drive West from the DC area, off Route 50, past Aldie, Middleburg and Upperville. It has a little bit of everything for everyone, including a Lebanon Cedars Alley -

I visited the National Arboretum in DC once, a long time ago (when the D700 was new...). I loved their Bonsai exhibit -

Thanks for all the info Darin and looking forward to your images from Meadowlark. I have an affinity for Bonsai trees and looked at your lovely image. I never knew there was a State of Va. Arboretum. I'll have to visit it. I'm very familiar with Route 50, Aldie and especially Middleburg.

For those reading this, Middleburg Virginia is approx 40 miles/minutes west of Washington D.C., a small historic older town with many stately homes and a main street & village that's popular in the warm months with locals and tourists. It's in the middle of hunt & horse country and also popular with passing thru cyclists and old car restorers and classic car enthusiasts out for a drive. In some ways, the town reminds me a little bit of Carmel Calif. To think that maybe 15-20 years ago Disney was well into the planning stage for a Disney Land amusement park basically smack dab in the middle of this beautiful countryside, complete with a metro rail and bus lines. It's theme was to be "Americana" due to the proximity to Washington D.C. To say there was a local uproar, was an understatement and eventually Disney backed out of their plans.

For those interested in a few pictures of Middleburg, I've just posted some images in the "Fun with Digital M Images" Leica forum (link to the page below):

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Dave (D&A)
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