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Fun with Nikon Images

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Nathan W. Lediard

New member
I attended the annual meeting of the Pro Norwegian photographers association this last weekend... here taken outisde the hotel bar, after dark, very little light 12800 iso 58mm f1.4 at 1.4 on the mighty D4s



New member
Nice stuff there Nathan! I am waiting what Nikon does with the D5. Until then the D3 + D800E will do nicely … but that 400mm ???

D800E + 300/2.8VR + TC20III @1/10sec:

Nico Rosberg:

Nathan W. Lediard

New member
Nathan, nice to see you're still using film…..the F5 was a classic…. too dear for me at the time.
I will allow myself to go slightly off topic here...
Still use film for personal work, LF, MF and 35mm :) I even use it on paid jobs if I have the time and inclination :) In fact I am almost done with a book for Norways biggest publishing house where I have done portraits with film.. either with my Hassy or with the Fuji GF670. The book is titled "Every day heroes" and we have travelled around Norway visiting emergency services and following them for 24-48 hours, with one portrait of the main person and lots of background and action shots. I took a pic of a anaesthetic doctor 3 in the morning after a hectic night of operations in an operating theatre and almost 48 hours of no sleep after following the fire brigade the day before and attending an all night house fire! I entered the Dr portrait in the NFF (norwegian pro photographer association) national competition and it won a Silver medal with 90 out of 100 points! Film is dead, long live film :D
Back on topic.. when I switched my Canon / digihassy gear for Nikon I no longer had lenses for my trusty EOS1n film camera so had to get a Nikon body... I found a nearly mint F5 and paid a ridiculously low price for it too :) The F5 was a camera I loved when it came out even though I was a canon user then.. it was me secret desire.. :D Its kinda like discovering your teenage crush twenty years later and finding out you were made for each other hehe :DWhen I get the time I will post the film shot over on the MF page..


Well-known member
Hi Nathan, I know the feeling - several years ago I bought a mint Nikon F3 - my teen dream…. and recently almost bought a Canon F1n - another icon.

Don't get around to using any film though…. who knows it may be time to resurrect the darkroom.



Workshop Member
I owned several Film Nikons and sold all of them except one - a mint F3HP with motor drive. This was one of my dream cameras when I used to be younger - several years ago though --- and still is perfect IMHO. I plan to use it more in the future - a great complement for my digital Nikon Df ;)

I only need some good manual lenses - which I had sold also unfortunately, so I need to start collecting - shall be fun!
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