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Fun with "Obsolete" Nikons

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Observations so far in the Grand Expired Film Experiment of 2021:

After spending a whole ten minutes walking around and shooting our little town square with a $25 F80 and a bag of 10-year old expired film, I have found more joy than I would have imagined. :)

The images were done in the street very quickly for a test but mostly because my wife was ill and waiting in the car. Never a good thing but she was ok and insisted I needed to walk a little anyway. It really is hard to shoot 37 frames in that short period of time and get meaningful subjects, composition, etc.

I developed the film at home in Ilford DDX. The negatives looked great while drying and even better on the light table. My old scanner turned out reasonable scans and the files were quite easy to work with in LRC and PS 2020.

The results were pleasing even though I was pushing the use of the 50mm 1.8G lens. I am delighted to see that the expiry date of the film was NOT a limiting factor. Nor the lens. Nor the camera!

The only limitation was my shooting rapidly in A mode. The AF was really fun to use, so I concentrated on motifs and quick compositions. I also did some selective cropping.

I learned once again that crafting an image was so rewarding. I knew that from full-time medium format work and casual shooting. I now know that with 35mm film even though it will not replace my Medium Format work!

Over the years I never really appreciated 35mm film as much as I do now. Getting older and "seeing" life differently has been an enlightenment for me.

Now, my photographic journey has four dimensions, in no particular order:

1. Digital Medium Format
2. Film Medium Format (120, 220)
3. Digital with various formats smaller than MF.
4. Film 35 mm

Each Format has its place and my return to 35mm film will certainly open with small presentations in prints, slides, and books.

The only drawback now is searching for the three lenses I want to use with my 35mm cameras. LOL...

Btw, "obsolete" cameras are everywhere and cost mere pocket change. They are fun to use as well!