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Fun with S1/s1r


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It might be worth checking out the Canon Pro-1000 too.

Canon PRO-1000 printer review - Northlight Images

While I have mostly used Epson photo printers for the last 20+ years, I've also owned/used the Canon Pro-10 and Pro-100 with good results. The Pro-1000 looks very good.

Thanks for the link Gary. My benchmark is actually cost of outsourcing to pro labs V the amenity of knocking off smaller sized stuff at home. My typical print size starts at 3X2 or 4X3 feet and I wont ever buy a large printer as I'm just not interested. However for smaller sized print runs - maybe...tbh I've hung a 75inch LCD screen on a wall at home and use that for personal display...but I do want to print some small stuff around the place. books/albums are definitely imo left to outsourcing



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Processed one more of the few images I took with the S1R a couple weeks ago, before the "stay at home" order kicked in. I may try to get out this weekend for little while. Get some fresh air, exercise and take a few photos. Lots of space here in Alaska to be outdoors and far away from anyone else.


Ship Creek Ice Floes, S1R, S Pro 24-105/4


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Went to one of the hunting preserves a couple days ago to socially distance myself and do some shooting... of my S1R + 24-105/4.

Lizard on a Cliff

_III0023 by Tre Nelson, on Flickr

Snake on the same Cliff (about 20-50 ft away)

_III0024 by Tre Nelson, on Flickr

_III0025 by Tre Nelson, on Flickr

_III0027 by Tre Nelson, on Flickr

_III0028 by Tre Nelson, on Flickr

Random Plants

_III0034 by Tre Nelson, on Flickr

_III0035 by Tre Nelson, on Flickr

_III0042 by Tre Nelson, on Flickr

This plant had some elk fur stuck to it

_III0052 by Tre Nelson, on Flickr

_III0053 by Tre Nelson, on Flickr

Random brush collected on the ground

_III0058 by Tre Nelson, on Flickr


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Given the S1R is an outstanding camera in my view, we need some more image action here on this board. S1r, 16-35mm f4, F/10. Cornwall, England,
I agree Quentin. The S1R is an excellent camera with rock solid build and very good performance. I finally traded off most of my remaining Sony and Canon gear (except for some of the EF lenses) for a like new S1R and Lumix S 24-105 lens. I also have two Sigma MC-21 converters that work perfectly with the Canon EF lenses that I held back and a couple of Sigma SA mount lenses (50/1.4 and 100-400). Very pleased with the performance of the S1R with all of the native and adapted lenses. A few sample images from the new kit below.

S1R + Lumix S 24-105

Sigma 100-400 /4 C

Canon EF 16-35/4 L





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Still exploring options with the S1R.

Laowa 14/4 Zero-D lens in L mount. Looks like this one will need a flat field DNG profile for correcting corner color casts.

First try with High-Res mode using the 24-105. Cropped to a 135 MP image and resampled 50% for posting to Flickr.

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