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Fun with Sony Cameras 2021


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Trying some of my Hasselblad V lenses in the Fotodiox Rhinocam Vertex via a simple HB to M645 adapter. Really into classic November weather now with cold, pouring rain so first test shot is through an open door to my deck. Click for larger image (50% of original).

a7C with Hasselblad 40/4 Distagon

and one more with a Hasselblad 100mm f/3.5 Planar (I neglected to stop the lens down before taking these shots so it was wide open and not f/16).

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Raining too hard now to even open a door for picture taking. Here are two in the kitchen with the Hasselblad 40/4 Distagon and 80/2.8 Planar shot from same distance in the Vertex via HB/M645 adapter on the a7C. ISO 100 f/16. Four shots each merged in LR PhotoMerge.

40mm Distagon

80mm Planar