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Fun with Sony Cameras 2021


Active member
Burning bush has no color competition this year from the maples. Sony a7C with Fotodiox Rhinocam Vertex adapter using Mamiya 645 55mm f/2.8 N at f/16. Four shots stitched in LR Photomerge with moderate crop at 1:1.

Another one shot wide open at f/2.8:

What's happening in the background of the second shot? Are there stitching problems?


Well-known member
No, background is out of focus because of shallow depth of field at f/2.8. First shot was f/16.

The Ute

Well-known member
The Lord blessed us on this visit to Coyote Buttes south
By giving us this surreal experience w a Rocky Mountain Big Horn sheep
In all of my travels I have never seen anything like it
Unfortunately I did not have a long lens w me
That said cropping worked fairly well

A7RIV / 24 1Sheep 3-DeNoiseAI-denoise (1982 x 1321).jpgSheep 1-DeNoiseAI-clear (1) (2059 x 935).jpg.4 GM