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Fun with Sony Cameras 2021


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I went to visit an old farm in the neighbourhood

The front garden needs a bit of maintenance

But I managed to find the front door

No doorbell, so I tried the knocker

No answer, and also at the side door nobody came

No living soul on the inner court, just some equipment left behind

In its prime it must have been quite a place, with the black/white/yellow painting of all the woodwork, but it needs a little work now to come back and shine

All A7ii + Voigtländer APO Lanthar 65/2 macro


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Abandoned Teleglobe Satellite Earth Station. Built in 1964 in rural Nova Scotia, this complex carried satellite television and other communications for a large portion of Canada and the US. It was one of only two in North America, and only five world-wide. Canadians watched the 1972 Canada-Russia hockey series, the Ali-Foreman "Rumble in the Jungle", and many other events live, courtesy of this station. It was decommissioned in the mid 80's.