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Fun with Sony Cameras 2022


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Been away from Getdpi for awhile, but here's some "FUN" with Sony that was actually a blast to do.

I've used a A7R, A7R-II (now sold), A7-II, and a A7R-IV.

These are done with the TTArtisans M-90/1.25 "Cheap-O-Lux" using an ArtTech M to E autofocus adapter on a Sony A7-II:



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More scuba pictures, RX100ii. These are shot with a wet wide angle conversion lens/dome that turns the 28mm view into a fisheye (around 165 degree view). "Wet" lens describes an add-on lens that attaches outside of the housing, screwed onto the flat port. Very fun to shoot with, though it requires stopping the aperture down to f8 for corner sharpness!

Sea turtle in the light
by Graham Gibson, on Flickr

Coral cone
by Graham Gibson, on Flickr

Trumpet Fish
by Graham Gibson, on Flickr

Zebra moray eel
by Graham Gibson, on Flickr


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Waiting to cross the (pontoon) bridge

NEX6 + M-Summaron 35/2.8

This bridge was temporarily constructed in 2014 across the river Schelde in Antwerp to commemorate that a similar bridge was built there 100 years ago that allowed a lot of people to flee the city when the German invasion of Belgium started at the beginning of WW1.