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Fun with Sony Cameras 2022


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Experiment of today as I only had one camera and one lens.

A wintry scene of today in Switzerland. FE 2.5/50G, A7SIII. Both images RAW and put in C1 21 and exported with very little change. I am curious if anyone sees any real loss in quality between the Full Frame shot and the APS-C one.DSC00178.jpgDSC00179.jpg

DSC00179.jpg as APS-C shot.
DSC00180.jpg as Full frame shot.

The Ute

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Glad you're healthy and back again. I hope you didn't suffer too much, my general impression is that people are still getting infected but less sick as before.
First couple of days were pretty bad the rest of the time was just shaking the lingering symptoms
Much like the flu
Worst part was not being able to get out and exercise like I usually do

The Ute

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Out to a a Native American site yesterday
Very remote location
I will post photos in a way to try and illustrate the experience
The first photo is of "Helldive Canyon" looking out from the Alcove where the settlement was
2nd is an overview of the Alcove
3rd is a Native American "Metate" or grinding stone
4th are 800 year old corn cobs which were ground on that very Metate

A7RIV / Tamron 35mm f 2.8Helldive 1.jpgHelldive 2.jpgHelldive 3.jpgHelldive 4.jpg