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Fun with Sony Cameras 2023


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Book printing in the 16th century:

About a week ago I visited the Plantin-Moretus museum in Antwerp which is housed in the former printing workshop of Christoffel Plantin (founded around 1550) and later continued by the Moretus family (one of his sons in law and decendants).

It was facinating to see how books were printed in those times, simply page by page in manually operated printing presses. When you bought a book there you only got a stack of pages that you still needed to take to a book binder to complete it as a finished book.

A row of printing presses

Typesetting (also a manual labour)

and no "autocorrect" like today, so the print shop employed about as many correctors as typesetters.

Doghide covered stamps to apply just the right amount of ink

They used doghides, because dogs have no pores. When hides with pores were used the ink wasn't applied evenly to the typeface which could smudge the smaller characters

A finished product

Het Cruydeboeck by Rembert Dodoens, ca. 1554

All A7Rii + Tamron 28-200 Di III RXD


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The Sony Alpha 1 and Sony 200-600 have both performed exceptionally well for me at an airshow over the past few days. If I miss a shot it is user error most of the time.

Compared with my previous air show kit - the 1DX2 and EF 500mm F/4 MK II - I now get 50 MP vs 20 MP and much better AF performance. The 200-600 does not have the bite of the 500, which was razor sharp, but it is more than sharp enough - and the zoom range is very versatile for this type of event.