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Fun With Sony Cameras

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Barry Haines

New member
Another cracker Barry! You must have a hell of a time dragging your beach huts about though? :ROTFL:
Thanks again Alan :)
They are light as a feather...Inflatable beach huts can be purchased on ebay...They fold/collapse up into my camera bag or I can row them around the Cornish coast ;) :grin: :p


Please excuse...I have reworked an old image that I have shown here before, as I was never really happy with the previous version.
Birmingham Bullring selenium toned - Voigtlander 12mm



Well-known member
After shooting all week with my old Rolleiflex I was still thinking square when we went to the Cornell Botanic garden for a walk. These were all shot with the Sony RX100M6 in 1:1 mode.


Barry Haines

New member
Thanks Barry. Terrific image!
I need to bring out my copy of this combination - A7r + WATE - and use it! :thumbs:
Many thanks K-H...I think the WATE was probably the first half decent UWA (zoom) we had for the good old A7R camera.


A couple from today with the 50mm Nokton f1.2 E
Poldark's Charleston + Anchored up


The Ute

Well-known member
3 views from one of my favorite places
It will remind some of that place in Turkey
Only this is right here tucked away in a remote corner of Utah
Sony A7RII/Tamron 28-75 RXD
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