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Fun With Sony Cameras


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Alan, all your Northumbria shots here as well in the Fuji X thread are very nice and consistent in theme, colour and processing. It's great to see a few new ones pop up every day.

I see you use both your Sony as well as the Fuji X100V in this continueing series, any particular reason you use one camera over the other for some shots or is it just the camera you have with you that day?


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I visited castle Cantecroy in Mortsel (near Antwerp) last week. It was founded in the 15th century and probably has undergone many changes. At this moment it's service flats for (rich) elderly people as well as a restaurant.

Panorama (LR stitch of 9 handheld portrait shots, click for larger)

Side view

Outside wash basin

Front view

Entry gate decorations

More from the entry gate

All A7ii + SMC Takumar 55/2 or OM Zuiko 21/3.5


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Thanks Pieter, glad you are enjoying them.
As for the camera, it was more to do with which I fancied carrying on any particular walk. I find the Fuji especially good for focus stacking due to the inbuild auto mode it has, and the lightwieght tripod I use with it! The sony is better for long exposures as I have a "proper" Nisi filter set which gives me clean colour balanced files from the ND filters. I use a heavier tripod as well which in the very windy conditions on some days was welcome, as was the interchageable zoom lens as well! I do wish that the Sony could do more than 30s exsposures (the fuji GFX goes up to 1hr) directly in the camera with no external release or timer as well as focus stacking. I know, why don't I use my GFX, well that is another story.......