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Fun with the Fuji X ___!

Hulyss Bowman

Active member
H.Sisterz :) with 12mm Zeiss and 35f1.4

I do not shoot enough with the XT-1 because a lot of work push me to use other gear, but I start to understand the beast. Need some few hours of practice to exploit his awesome potential.


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Not very long ago, I used to live in a house such as this. Not very long ago...

Remember the hot days, when my mother used to ask me to help her at the well, to draw up the water.

The date palms were ( and still are ) our most cherished possession...

Not too long ago.
It's been a while...

I've not been out shooting since April.. it's been driving me crazy. To keep myself occupied I have been working on restoring some man cave style antiques. My latest acquisition is below.. won an auction on ebay for this old brass engineer's level. I have to clean it up a bit.. this is how it arrived. I shot it on my desk "at work" this morning. I used the X-E2 and the 18mm with the light from a single desk lamp. Post and border text were done in Photoshop CS6.

This weekend should be different as I have plans to head to West Texas and Caprock Canyon for some day and night photography.



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I’ve been contemplating an Xt-1, but have kind of been holding off until there’s an update to the x-pro. Looks great, hope it happens soon!
First Milkyway shot with the X-T1

I took this Friday night near Caprock Canyon in Texas. This is my first use of the X-T1 and 18mm to shoot the Milkyway. While driving to Caprock Canyon I came across an open field with a windmill that fed a small tank for cattle... thought it might make a good foreground for the Milkyway.

Post needs a bit of refineing but wanted to share this with you.

ISO 1600 25 second exposure at f/2.0 18mm

Here's two more with different post treatment....

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