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Fun with the Fuji X ___!


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A walk not far from the valley where the PRC and INDIAN troops had a skirmish quite recently.

She is between 3500-4000 mts above sea level.

A area where three mountain ranges meet...the Himalayas, the Karakoram range, and the Hindu Kush.

Three borders: PRC, Pakistan, India.

1500 kms roughly southwest by the old Silk Road lies the Khyber Pass.
501 kms by air to Peshawar from nearest air strip, in a town about 200 kms below.

XT-3, XF 18-55


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I estimate that this cub born around March is now about 4 months old. It is full adult size but not yet full adult weight. There is a little bit of 'cubness' still showing in that it could grow a bit into its ears!

X-T3, XF100-400, 400mm f5/6 1/800 iso1000



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A few focus stacked images from a walk around the chapel pond on the Ithaca College campus. Still very quiet and peaceful, but students will be back in about 2 weeks, both here and at Cornell. Cornell modelers have predicted that there will be 1000+ covid19 cases by early September (best case scenario) as a result of our population increasing suddenly by 25000 students.

All with the X100V with 4-8 shots each stack.

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Just another boring, blue sky day at the Cornell arboretum. Fujifilm X100V, 2 shots stitched in LR photomerge.