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Fun with the Fuji X ___!


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XPro2 + XC50-230/4.5-6.7​


Rayyan's question about his travelling kit got me thinking about what I carry these days on my campervan travels because the same lens keeps turning up as being the most used lens. Even tho I have many Fuji lenses (I should sell them off), I carry a small bag with just the X-Pro2, 18-55, 50-230, and the 14/2.8. The bag is the Lowepro Slingshot Edge 150 AW and is small. It fits under the floor of the van where the tripods and tools are hidden. I take that small bag and either a 6x6/4x5 film kit or medium format digital kit. Amazingly the most inexpensive of my Fuji lenses, the XC50-230/4.5 -6.7 gets the prize for most used lens. It is very lightweight and sharp, and that is probably why I reach for it most. Look at all those lenses I have. Missing from the photo is my X-Pro3 and I use it primarily in the studio and also for digitizing my film. Hope everyone is well!



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Darr, camera porn never gets old...

I have not really changed my travel set up. Much of the architecture you see me posting is from the XF50 (the silver lens). I have really been enjoying the focal length. It is not too long where the compression becomes too unnatural for me. My next used lens the the XF23 f/2. That is really the all round lens. Oddly enough my first lens was the XF14. It is really a fine lens. I don't really use it that much. It tends to be an interior or street lens. My XF10 is my very small backup camera and my travel camera when I don't want to take the rest. It is surprisingly versatile and so small it is hard not to put it in a bag. The only other lens I have is a Minolta M-Rokkor 90mm f/4 that I adapted. I rarely use the lens and mostly for landscapes--it is in the back behind the tripod. An oddly heavy lens for its size. I also keep it as a memory of my time working for Minolta in Japan.

I still use the tripod, but I also now have a Gitzo 1545T, which now uses the ball head in the image (I put a different head on that small tripod). The Gitzo packs really well in carry on and is surprisingly light. I use the optical finders, which match the XF14 and XF23, for shooting at night when light levels are too low to use the camera viewfinder (the frameline projection washes out the viewfinder). A spare battery for each camera, an ND filter, and a bunch of SD cards is about it.

I have to admit I enjoy using Fuji X series cameras and lenses. My wife and I walk every evening and I just sling my camera bag (actually, a MountainSmith Tour lumbar pack) over my shoulder and head out. A lot of what I post here are from those walks.


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Thanks for sharing your gear info.

I carry the 14/2.8, but I never use it anymore either. I did use it when I first got it bc a friend of mine (John) is a history buff and is into old churches, country stores, tobacco barns, etc. of the south and had asked me to shoot some images for him when we travel together. There is no city closeby to where I live, but lots of small towns of south Georgia and north Florida, so I do not find myself using the 14/2.8 unless I am out and about with John. He likes trains too, so I cannot sell off the 14/2.8 or I will miss a train shot for sure.

I like your optical finders and would enjoy it with the 23/2 I have. I never did buy the 50/2 since I have the 56/1.2 APD and only used it for studio portraiture back when I was still in the classroom instructing. A problem I have is not selling stuff I do not use. I have way too much gear and seriously need to scale it down. I think I am settled on the Fuji system and will be sticking with it. I think the next Fuji camera I buy will be something along the 50r next generation. I still enjoy shooting the old fashioned way with my tech cameras and Hassy 500 series cameras, but I am guessing once I rent a 50r, I may want one. I have been ignoring Lens Rental's discount coupons all year on purpose.

Best to you,


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It is great to see other people's set-ups for 'walkabout' photography.

Increasingly I am using the X-H1 over my X-T3. Fuji got nearly everything right in that camera. It feels great in the hand. The shutter release is quiet and buttery. The AF is a bit slow but even then I do use it for wildlife as well as architecture and events. All in all a pro-body APS-C camera, imho. I'd easily buy a X-H2 if they just added the newer X-T3 sensor, smaller/lighter IBIS system and the AF improvements of the X-T4. I bought the X-H1, pretty much the last brand new retail unit in the UK, as a second body for a project I am working on but quickly realised that it outshines the X-T3 in use.

My 'walkabout' system is a bit different to Darr and Sashin's. I decided to collapse down my GFX system to only the 30/3.5 and the 50/3.5. Together with the body they fit into a small ThinkTank mirrorless bag. If I want versatility I also carry my GRIII in a coat pocket.

This may sound a contradiction in terms but for commercial work I use my X bodies, mainly the X-H1 but for walking around and pleasure photography I carry the GFX and GRIII unless I am doing wildlife in which case it is the X-T3, XF100-400 or XF50-140.

Just my two cents.