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Fun with the Fuji X ___!


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On my travels, again, this time to Haworth in Yorkshire, famous as the home of the Brontë family of Victorian writers. This is the Old School Room, in Haworth built by Patrick Brontë, the father in which all his six children taught. It is often felt to be the most important of all the historic buildings because it was built by the father and not in existence before his arrival as the Parson for the village church. Fuji X-T4, XF 18/1.4 iso1000 18mm f8 13secs.
Processed on my ancient laptop so I'm not sure about the colour balance but I hope it is OK.



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X-Pro2 + Hasselblad 100/3.5 CFi


Not that I was looking for one, but I found a used Fotodiox Hasselblad V lens to Fuji X adapter that helped a recent KEH order get free shipping. Made this backyard photo shortly after the adapter arrived. Interestingly, my 80 CF lens will not lock on the adapter, but has no problem on my other cameras. Tried all my CFi lenses and they lock just fine. Guess Hasselblad changed more than just cosmetics when they upgraded the CF lenses. To anyone that is interested, it was not difficult to use the adapter (set camera to "shoot without lens") as the X-Pro2's meter works fine with the lens and so did the len's aperture. The adapter is better made than the Fotodiox Nikon to Fuji X adapter I have, and it comes with a built in lens foot because as you can imagine the Hasselblad lenses are heavy for the Fuji. It was easy to handhold as the lens foot is circular and fits in the palm of my hand. Planning on playing around with this setup as I am a bit bored at the moment and need some new inspiration. 😌