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Fun with the Fuji X-Pro 2 and X-T 2


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Nice to be back in Fuji land after a long absence. I am currently using a Fuji XT2, primarily with old lenses and adapters until I can decide on native glass. I did get the 18-55 with the camera and the 14mm for landscape work and that may be all that I really need. Here is one of my first shots with an old Canon FD 300mm f/4 L using a Fotodiox adapter. White breasted nuthatch on an old backyard maple tree.



I love the colors of the neighborhood at night, and the X-Pro2 makes it viable to capture them. I've got the jpeg set to pro neg with shadows -2, highlights -2, color +1 to give the EVF a neutral/realistic look; kind of important to deal with the wild light mixtures and contrasts at night.
Actually, I'll have to check to see what the jpegs look like - I use the raws developed in Iridient and tweaked in LR.
Taken with the 35 f1.4 and 23 f2.



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This is not early morning fog, not even late in the day fog. This is an all day fog.

Fortunately, the 50F/10C weather was replaced with 11F/–11C, which made everything clear. (And those were the highs.)


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my new toy;-) love this baby - so light, so small and so good - my first two hours with the xpro2 and the 35mmf2 wr.

thx dan for your matting help ;-)
front.jpg. 6inarow.jpg .hair.jpg


Re: No snow here this winter...

Some shots from a short business trip to New Zealand where I managed to combine work with pleasure.

The X-Pro-2 is equally at home with portraits, landscape and macro. A delightful lightweight travel companion :). I thought I'd miss the resolution of my Nkon D810 but I did not and I certainly welcomed the huge weight and size advantage of the Fuji.








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How do you get a parking space? Go shopping in a storm. This is not the blizzard I posted above, but a little squall we had last Friday.

This was handheld--the only motion blur was in the person walking (and the snow falling). I am also amazed how well white balance handled the sodium vapor lighting.


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..Deer without duck in darkness

Fuji X-T2 90/2.0 iso 6400 f2.2 1/500 C1pro10

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In the past I have posted elsewhere on this forum and have been for some time enjoying various threads including this one!

Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver

X Pro-2 23mm f 1.4