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Fun with the Hasselblad 907x


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Lots of lovely photos!

I've been away from using my 907x SE for a while .. first it was off to Hasselblad USA for a time to investigate the weird problem I was having with it pointed nose down. Then it came back but I was away, and away again, and distracted with other things. I've been shooting mostly with the iPhone 11 Pro all this time, and with my Polaroids. So a batch of Polaroid exposures had built up and I was waiting to get a moment to digitize them with the 907x a- because it does the best job of it, and b- because I needed to test it in the configuration that was causing me trouble before.

Well, I did 90 captures this morning on the copystand. No issues at all. Whatever Hasselblad did (and they say they were unable to replicate my problem...), the camera is working flawlessly now. Whatever ... as long as it works properly, I'm happy.

And now I have 90 images to sort, select from, and render. And tomorrow I should process the two rolls of 120 format and one roll of Minox format film and capture those too. Fun fun fun... :)

onwards! G
Fun fun fun
I know, what you are feeling :)(y)
good luck with the next rolls
regards Dierk