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Fun with the Hasselblad 907x


Subscriber Member
in which country is this?
I found it in ALLGÄU / GERMANY near FISCHEN . It is not collapsed yet . I have been there a couple of days ago .
The funny thing is , it either collapses or , a heavy longer rain will flood it .


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too bad. looks somewhat beautiful. I once was fishing in Fischen ;) I think cought 3 Forellen.
Are you living there or vacations?


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I am living here since 23 years but must say , I have never seen a fish in the river Iller . But many , too many tourists .


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I do wish they would have a firmware solution for shooting night skies. So much potential but also so challenging.
Yes, real bummer. It is possible to focus on bright stars, but framing can be next to impossible. I tried all the different settings. (Exposure simulation needs a minimum amount of light)