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Fun with the Leica M Monochrom


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Love it...looks like Atlas or Tubbs.

Late Afternoon and an outing with the Monochrom.

Great start to a wonderful end of year and entry into the New Year.

The 18 SEM looks fabulous...I am leaning towards the 21, as the 24 seems a bit constricted with the MM.



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Looks like an improved MSR....

Featherlite and floating....

Would love to do a moonlight trek and return to a quiet dinner and candlelight.....

Thanks for the link.



I passed this gas station with toppled structure. The camera had a 75mm lens on it. But Woody had given me the stitching idea so I snapped away. Turning 35mm into large format is seductive. The jpeg is maybe too large but smaller and flickr does its sharpening thing.

Gas Station by Ed Rudolph, on Flickr[/IMG]


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A few hours with the Monochrom on the streets of a chilly Chicago yesterday.



Face the World

Make Life One Long Weekend

Tow Zone



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Woody had given me the stitching idea so I snapped away. Turning 35mm into large format is seductive.
Thats is indeed a marvelous idea - until just a week ago I never thought about using it for anything else than a panorama... thanks Woody!



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Thanks Jorgen ... heading back to Manila tomorrow. I'm craving some sunlight and warm Filipino smiles.


I like the first one. Good to see photos from your neighborhood. :)


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san francisco new year's fireworks 2013

3200 ISO with shadow gradient push to ISO 12,800. 64% crop of full resolution image. No sharpening, selective contrast enhancement or noise reduction.

larger version here.
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Gary Clennan

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Nice set Kurt! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying the phils. I know that I was always depressed whenever I had to go back to Manila after a home leave. Sometimes I think it is best just to stay there and limit the visits back home... :)


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Kurt, i can feel the coldness of Chicago from down here... congrats on the Monochrom, looking forward to see it in action in the streets of Manila. Happy new year!