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Fun with the Leica M Monochrom


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Ashwin, just received the 85/2 back from DAG. I only wish I had an MM to mount the thing on. Any good alternatives other than an M6 and scanning?
Congrats, Mikal, and thanks again for offering to let me borrow this. DAG can take some time to repair things, and haha, I ended up getting on in the time that you were waiting. you can always try the lens on the M9. I didn't have the best of luck with it on that camera, as the colors look muted and warmer, but shooting and immediately converting to BW could work well. Alternatively, shooting it with an M6, Tri-X or HP-5, with some rodinal to boot, and I think you'll be very happy ;)

I have shot it wide open to f/2.8, as it may well focus shift between f/2.8-4, due to its sonnar design....



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Ashwin, I also forgot to mention that the last posted image of yours in this thread has the classic look of "film noir" and was accomplished in a most effective and creative way.

Dave (D&A)
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Thanks so much, Dave! It's a pleasue to share my process with the M Monochrom, which I believe to be the best digital M camera that I have owned, to date....

Peter Klein

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Ashwin: The girl with the "screen" hat is "aesthetically pleasing"--you remember that phrase, doncha? :) Seriously, that's a fantastic image--you really make that Monochrom sing! And there's very little wrong with the Nikkor 85/2 except very wiry double-line bokeh wide open. The 85/2 and 50/1.4 were the lenses that made Nikon's reputation in the 50s. Do you have the chrome version or the black? The black is rarer, but much lighter. The chrome is heavy enough to use as a battering ram, which is why I eventually sold mine and replaced it with a 1982 Summicron 90/2.


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very quick processing of a previous LR-develop. this done in C1, 7.1

adjusted verticals resulting in a bit o'cropping


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when i get a minute, i will fiddle around and try and get a better crop when verticals are set right; maybe use autopano to merge the files. only had 5 minutes and wife was eager to head for home...

C1 looks to be a winner so far


Thanks Vivek : )

Start shooting from 10pm last night. i set aperture f5.6, iso640, each shot took 5 sec exposure and 5 sec for noise reduction. It was raining heavily and the wind was strong. My body, camera and lens were all wet even I was holding a decent size umbrella. One and a half hour in the rain, 3 shots I'm satisfy.