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Fun with the M 10


New member
Barfüsserplatz ia fairly close... but it is Aeschenplatz.
I saw the young lady when she left the "Zeughaus" (Material depot" and we took the same tramway...
I Switzerland the army is a militia system with only very few professional soldiers. each active has the assault rifle at home, some years ago even a sealed tin with ammo - I think it is still the same today... being french I am not too much up to date :)

all the best

Robert Campbell

Active member
Fairly close is right!

Soldiers can keep the weapon at home, but today the ammo is in the Zeughaus (the armory or arsenal).

Military service is compulsory for boys (though they can do a rather longer period of social work); military service for girls is voluntary, so the pic is rather unusual.


New member
Lovely mountain range. Another B&W conversion. Guess you can tell I am looking forward to seeing what an M10 Monochrom can do.


New member
And while I am traveling in morocco... here are some again with M10 and again mainly the Summaron 28...

Next post may be in color :)