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Gear-free photography talk


New member
I was just wondering, are there any blogs/websites out there that are dedicated to non-equipment based photography news, stories, techniques, exhibitions etc? I'd appreciate any links.


Active member
Years ago, Art of Photography on Youtube was great, but then he discovered that he got a lot more views and therefore money from youtube by talking about equipment and so the channel went down hill. I think he's trying to restore it to its previous glory. I see a lot less gear reviews on his channel, but it's no longer serious the way it used to be. There's too much fluff.

There is Louisiana channel, which is really good. They have interviews with artists, poets, writers and photographers. It's worth checking it out. It's also on Youtube.

Other than that, there's mostly drivel out there.


New member
Some good suggestions there, thanks. I’m finding the broader creative and art websites a lot more interesting than the ones that only look at photography which I find very limited and constrained to well established styles. I’ve found the Behance network is a great place to look for inspiring work of all kinds.