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GFX100 - how to set Raw 16 bit?


I have tried every different image quality settings and the 16 bit option is greyed out for every type of Raw -compressed, uncompressed, and lossless. I can only choose 14bit.

i must have some incompatible setting somewhere but I can’t find it! Any ideas? Could it be SD card related?
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I don't have a GFX 100, but I took a quick look at the manual and it says that 16 bit only takes effect in single-frame drive mode.
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Ed Hurst

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Is that also true on the GFX100S, by the way? Or can you do 16 bit in continuous shooting mode?


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If you exhaust all the reasonable explanations, you could try a factory reset. In another forum there was a member using a 100S who encountered a similar "makes no sense" problem. He couldn't get the EXIF data written into the files when shooting with manual lenses. A factory reset cleared it up. Bugs happen.


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Over time I have come to realize Fuji footnotes are to be read with close scrutiny. See 100S manual p.110 after exclamation point. Just what Knorp noted.