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GFX100S shutter failure


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It is unfortunate that manufacturers are rushing their cameras to the market. The pressure from social media is high, so blame us ;-). It is always safer not to be an early adopter. But then there is GAS.

Sony's flagship a1 has widely reported EVF and IBIS issues. GFX100S has shutter issues, X1D had dial problems, etc. It is almost surprising when a camera is launched without any issues :(. IMO, it becomes now even more important to work with a trustworthy dealer.

It is OK to put some pressure on Fuji to own the problem and share the proposed solution with the owners. I am eagerly awaiting an official response.


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My only concern is that if my camera is within the likely serial number range, the fact that I don’t shoot hundreds or thousands of images a week means that our cameras might fail sometime in the future well beyond when Fuji are being so accommodating for replacements.
Out of all of the cameras I’ve sent in for repair, Fuji was absolutely the worst to deal with too. Quoted one cost to repair the camera, then a week later came back and said a tab to hold a base plate screw was broken of the front plate of my GFX and that the cost would be 3500 instead of 500 :/ Best case they didn’t actually bother to check the camera out before starting the repair, but they honestly probably just broke it themselves. The repair tech was quite rude as well.


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Quentin, sorry to hear of your problems. Park is a great store (no affiliation just years of buying too much camera kit from them!).

After 2 years my 50R is still working fine (hehe).

I'm still on the fence about changing up to the 100S. I do sometimes think I should divest entirely of the 50R as I rarely use the camera for anything remotely important. I use my X-T3, X-H1 and XF lenses.

But each time I think this way I take a look at the photographs I have and <sigh> the image quality is so perfect I can't bring myself to part with the system.

Good luck with a replacement if you go that way in the future.



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Lou..... can't help you out. It was not some official release by Fuji but a 3rd party statement saying that Fuji was aware of the issue. I've been all over the place on the net but can't find where I read it. And.... of course I believe everything I read on the net;)

Regardless, I can't imagine Fuji not being aware of this issue.

Victor B.